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 I'm a beginning trader who has been working with Mike for about 2 months.  Mike is the real deal.  He teaches a method that works consistently and profitably for both swing and intraday trading.  His instruction helped me understand both intraday and longer term moves.  His method instructs traders on getting into the big moves that mean $$$$$, not small scalps.  With Mike's instruction, in four weeks, I was able to double my trading account.  I highly recommend Mike for both new and experienced traders.                 

 DG Nov 2015                                                                                                                                                         


I started out with mike about 7 weeks ago. I had " miss " traded about $15,000.00 from my original account size. I wasn’t patient with my entries. It was a constant battle to grow the acct without taking a ton of heat. With Mike's leadership, I’ve now made double that back over the last 6 weeks and have been consistently growing my acct. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but proof is in his charts. Mike is exceptionally good at picking market direction and choosing trend. I’m very happy and fortunate that I have him. I look forward to a long successful trading career from his guidance.

SY  Aug 2015                                        


I have been a student of mike for about 7 months.

Mike as a teacher:

He is my first mentor and learning from him has been the best decision in my trading career. In my opinion  what’s outstanding  about him is that he  enjoys teaching;  and mixed with dedication, patience, willingness to help and being accessible, makes the learning  process easy.  He tirelessly explains the big and small nuances using relevant charts and their interrelationship until it is well understood. My learning curve has grown exponentially and have become a much more confident and responsible trader.

Mike as a trader:

Mike has more than 16 years of experience under his belt and his assessment of the market, the precision of entry, exit and money management are just remarkable. I find the nightly news letter extremely valuable for having overall as well as specific relevant information for trading the next day.

Learning the system:

The system is comparatively simple in its conception and was not that long before I understood the concepts and the workings of it.  But what took me long was to trust it.  The trust came with observing the system through a period of time and, in different market conditions.

And once that trust has been established it is here to stay.




Your market analysis and calls on direction are as accurate as I have seen since I started trading. They have given me the confidence to enter trades and know that with patience they will work.

Thank you for all your updates!



Mike, When a person looks back and reflects on changing moments or situations in their life.  You are definitely one of those instances.  And I sincerely mean that!

Thank you, WS


After studying Mike for many months, I can tell you he is an incredibly-gifted stock market teacher and coach.  He is unique that he wants those under his teaching to learn and understand and replicate what he does to learn skills that will last a lifetime.  His technical analysis is amazing and his charts contain valuable information every day.

I started under Mike's care and teaching in 2014 and in the months since, he continues to show me what he knows and why he knows it and how I can do the same analysis.  He has taught me how to make "safe" trades that have high probabilities of success while also leaving risky unsafe and just plain bad trades to others.

Mike has a gift of teaching in real-life situations since there is never any two days the same in the stock market.  He teaches patience and does so with a kind spirit.  I've never been afraid to ask questions and he always explains what is happening in terms I can understand .

I am a real human and you can email me with any questions.  I am a paying member of this site and would never attempt to trade in this market without the information in this site.  Anything else is just hoping you are right.

Mike is the real deal.



I'm a proud student of Mike. I'm glad that I found Mike and grateful of him to help me learn trading strategies.

Before I met Mike, I had blew up two good accounts. The first time I met Mike, I had mentioned about my loss. He asked me few basic questions on my trading method, planning, etc. I did not have an answer to any. My trades were like shooting from the hip. He stated that I will get chopped up without good knowledge and planning. Some time later, I found myself in the situation that Mike had warned me. That was a WAKE UP CALL for me.

Mike has a lot of patience and always ready to explain in detail till the concept is clear. His notes throughout the day are extremely precise and explains what to expect next. He captures a good picture of the overall market. I would not trade without his charts and daily plan. His method has taught me discipline and to be patient. I like the following quote from him which keeps me focused.. "Trade what you see and not what you think".

If one is serious about learning the market and trading, I would strongly suggest to contact Mike. He is completely honest on what he teaches and what to expect. There will be no beating around the bush. His method is very unique and helps me enter high profitable and low risk trades.

Mike - Thank you for everything that you do.


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